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Oct 09, 2014

Boat storage methods are numerous and can be simple,. Here are some of the advantages  and disadvantages of the three most common methods to store your boat..

1. Backyard Storage

Many boat owners opt to cover their trailer- able boats and store them in their yards over the winter. Keeping the boat in your yard is usually the least expensive and most convenient, but extreme care should be taken to choose the right cover.

Boat cover prices can range from under $200 to over $3,000 for a custom cover. Most Boat Industry Experts generally agree that purchasing a high-end boat cover is the best way to go. If you purchase a cheap cover that doesn't allow enough airflow it can promote mildew, causing problems and costing more further down the road. Choose the best cover you can afford with a fabric that is strong, breathable and water-resistant. If your budget allows, a custom cover and frame is a worthwhile investment.

2. Boatyard Shrink-wrapped

Shrink-wrapping will keep your boat dry and well ventilated, meaning less chance of mildew. Almost all Boat yards specialize in shrink-wrapping boats. If you wish,  you can purchase do-it-yourself kits at marine stores for boats 25 feet and under.

The downside to shrink-wrap is you will be unable to work on your boat during the winter. If this isn't a problem, it may be the option you will want to choose if you don't have space for a trailering and storing your boat at home.

3. Indoor Storage

Options abound with indoor boat storage. Unheated or heated. Climate controlled or not. The obvious pro in storing your boat at an indoor facility is protection from the elements and having access to your boat during the winter months. The downside is that storing your boat at an indoor facility is usually costly and they usually dictate when you can have access to the boat.

Just remember when choosing a winter boat storage method, choose the solution that provides the best protection for your boat investment at the price and accessibility you can most afford.