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Jun 29, 2021

What to Expect

No matter who you choose to do your marine survey, you should expect professional treatment. At Roy Scott Marine you can always expect that we will:

  • Be on Time for Appointments (or at least call to explain any unforeseen delays)
  • Inspect Your Boat Thoroughly.
  • Treat You Respectfully.
  • Respect Your Boat.
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest.
  • Under Promise & Over Deliver.
  • Explain the Survey Process.
  • Prepare a Comprehensive Marine Survey Report.
  • Deliver the Survey Report Quickly – Normally Within 24-48 Hours.
  • Respect Your Privacy.
  • Be Available for Questions and Follow-Up.

Our practical approach allows you to get a good picture of the boats’ condition the day we inspect it. We go through all the parts of the boat in a systematic way, pointing out systems and issues and jotting down our observations and recommendations that we then use to create the survey. We encourage buyers and owners to be present at a survey.