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Feb 25, 2021

"Boating during COVID-19 is one of the safest — not to mention most enjoyable — things you can do this summer," says Colleen Richardson, director of Discover Boating.

"As annual traditions such as camping and sporting events have been canceled, more Americans are drawn to the water. It doesn't get more socially distant than boating with loved ones. Studies have shown it's a bastain for mental health.

Keep these smart guidelines in mind so that we can protect one another:

  • THE VELVET ROPE: Restrict those on board to immediate family or to close friends you're confident are playing it smart in their daily lives. If you or a family member are immune-compromised, go boating only with the people with whom you live.
  • NO DILLY-DALLYING: This is not a typical summer, so be efficient going from house to boat, to back home. Minimizing contact with others can make a big difference.
  • NO RAFTING UP: Do we really need to say that? The same goes for beaching proximity.
  • BE CONSIDERATE: Wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart when chatting with the marina crew. At the fuel dock, maintain distance, and wear a mask. Wear gloves, discard them after fueling up, then wash or sanitize your hands.