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Feb 23, 2021

A float plan lets your family and friends know your whereabouts and, should a trip come to some form of grief, the plan will give the searchers a valuable head start locating your boat.

Whether you are on the water for an afternoon or a month-long excursion, a float plan can be a lifesaver. You can get a copy easily online, fill it in and leave it with a spouse, other relative and/or a friend. You may even want to leave a copy with your marina manager.

The Float Plan starts with the basics: phone numbers to be called if the boat is overdue, a description of the boat, registration numbers, etc., that can be penciled in at the start of the season. Copies can then be made and details added before each trip.

Note: The Coast Guard does not accept float plans and should only be notified by your spouse or friend if there is a "deviation" (you are overdue) from the float plan.