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Mar 24, 2020

Many fisherman head to where the fish are. With trout season approaching, many people not working, will look to flock to the traditional spots. But it looks like the Corona Virus has impacted that as well.

Trout season is approaching for fishermen and women but it too has been affected by the corona virus outbreak.

Opening day for the state of Pa. is now April 18th. In New York, as of this writing it is still April 1, 2020.

With all the sports that are canceled due to the pandemic, one thing many if us counted on was to go out and fish.

There have been some changes in procedure for this upcoming season.

In Pennsylvania for example'

“We’re taking the preseason and the in-season stockings and combining the so that we can ensure that we get the fish in the water so that the anglers can enjoy them come the opening day.

Another thing that we’re gonna be doing is we’re doing a single statewide opening day.

In the past, we’ve had an early opener in the southern portion of the state.

To try and dissuade some travel in between regions,” said John Cummings, Waterways Conservation Officer, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.