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Nov 12, 2020

Keeping Diesel Fuel Clean

Thumbnail photo of a diesel gas pump

Keeping fuel clean has always been the key to maintaining a healthy diesel.

Here are four important considerations to keeping fuel clean:

1. Start by adding clean fuel, which means buying your fuel from a reliable source. Fuel that's been languishing for months in an underground storage tank is more likely to have water, rust, and even bugs.

2. Microbial bugs can't live without water. Keeping the tank topped off minimizes condensation. Check your fuel separator routinely for water, which can signal a problem that will need correction.

3. Check to see if your fuel distributor uses biocides in its fuel. If not, add a biocide at the recommended dosage.

4. Change filters at least annually. Slimy, smelly filters are indications of a microbial fuel infection. If filters, especially secondary filters, look dirty, consider having your tank emptied and cleaned. Otherwise, you'll be fighting an uphill battle.