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Jun 26, 2018

Ultraviolet Danger

Plastic thru-hull fitting

Photo: Mark Corke

Some boats use plastic thru-hull fittings above the waterline. Although this may be fine when the boat is new, sunlight can break these down over time until they become brittle. This drain fitting is only a few inches above the waterline and is already starting to crumble. If this fails, water could easily enter the boat causing it to sink. Check thru-hulls regularly, and if they are at all suspect they should be replaced.

Gel (Re)coat

Gelcoat repair

Photo: Mark Corke

This boat was up for sale, and the "repair" to the gelcoat on the topsides of the boat obviously raised a red flag when the surveyor looked at it. This kind of ham-fisted repair calls into question other things, such as proper engine maintenance. Although the damage here was largely cosmetic, it's worth spending the money to get repairs done properly by a pro who knows what he or she is doing.