Oct 19, 2017

Fell or felt?

Fell is the past simple of the verb fall: … Fall or fall down?

We can use fall as a noun or a verb. It means 'suddenly go down onto the ground or towards the ground unintentionally or accidentally'. It can also mean 'come down from a higher position'. As a verb, it is irregular.

It then began to pick up steam and became common in the 16th century—about the same time “fall” popped up as the name for the season.

Before the season was autumn or fall in English, though, it was called “harvest.” “Winter,” meanwhile, derives from the Proto-Germanic wentruz.

Both farmers and animals are busy during fall harvest season. Hibernating animals such as groundhogs, chipmunks and bears feast on nature's buffet of berries, apples, nuts and seeds to build up reserves of fat that will keep them warm during their long winter's nap.