Nov 03, 2015

Ever think about making Daylight Saving Time Year-Round?

I heard of this option this weekend, what do you think of it?

This option is growing in popularity it seems. Just think of all the advantages of eliminating Daylight Savings Time, but allow us to have some sunlight after work instead of before—when we would probably just use it to sleep.

Advantages: More people would get more sleep, which could prevent the workplace accidents and auto collisions which result from tired and weary people operating their machinery after a work shift. And since cars tend to injure more people after dark, having DST all the time would mean that people would enjoy more light for evening drives, which could lead to a decrease in accidents, and save an estimated 366 lives every year. Farmers wouldn’t have to subject cows to an arbitrary change in milking schedule. We’d get more light at a time when we’d more likely use it for something other than sleep.

Disadvantages: Of course students would have to go to school in the dark (assuming school hours stay the same), and farmers would have to get up really early to get the milk and eggs collected in time for the next steps of the supply chain. “Morning people” (whoever they are) might not like the change all that much.